Sunday, April 12, 2009

sherak's life

Hi my name is Shane I’m 39 years of age, I live in Cairns a small city in Queensland Australia and for the last 26 years I have dabbled in all sorts of things, at the age of 13 I was into stamp and Coin collecting with my dad also digging or diving for old bottles in and around Cooktown. Before school every morning I was down the wharf with my fishing rod catching fish so I could randomly sell it to anyone who wanted to part with their money. I learnt at an early age to respect the value of money later in life when I got my license I would go and prospect for gold in and around the old gold fields around Maytown with my 4x4 Toyota Hilux which was my second car after my Ford Cortina, that car went places that a 2 wheel drive should never go. As you can see my earlier part of life was very much outdoors and very active I finished a trade in baking and pastier cooking and because I was always around food I loved to eat. Many years later I left the trade and got involved in the building game in a office type job and that’s where my life went back wards I hated what I did to my body because I had lost self control in the bakery job and just loved eating food I would sit in my office at work and eat and having no exercise I put on a lot of weight and also because of my work commitments I didn't find time to exercise. My family life suffered and so did my marriage. I was desperate so I tried all sorts of pills, potions, and diets with exercise but nothing really worked because it was all too hard and frustrating I had low self esteem and really I didn't have the drive needed to succeed at losing weight.That’s where a mate of mine came along and told me about this product that his girl friend’s mum was using to lose weight and that it was working for her, so I decided to find out more about it on the net but in the back of my mind I thought yeah just another gimmick. Boy was I wrong with in the first day I noticed, that my desire to always eat was gone and after two weeks when I jumped on the scales I had lost 4.2 kg or 9.2 pounds I just couldn't believe that I had lost all that weight with no exercise or diet change no drugs pills or potions what a miracle. That was the change that my life needed if you want to know more have a look at or you may also know someone who might like to know about a product like that? Please pass it on to them.
That’s a brief out line of my story so far in the last 25 years or so I have made a very smart and challenging game been dabbling on the stock market forex trading sports results and any other thing that is out there to create a retirement egg hope to retire at the age of 45.
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